Sorbet at Winston Park

The New Face of Sorbet

Phase 1 of the Community Improvement Project
The roads were sealcoated.
Mailboxes were replaced.
Pet waste/trash receptacles were replaced.
Trees and palms were trimmed.
The cameras at the pool were replaced.
The mailbox foundation in Section 1/Section 2 was replaced.
The Street Signs were installed.
The entrance lights were replaced..
The fences were repaired/replaced.
About Us
Developed by:
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We are a homeowners' association with 224 single
family homes located in Coconut Creek.
Westbrook and Morgan Home Builders
Exclusive Property Management
2945 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 201
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33309
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Welcome to Sorbet Homeowner's Association newly designed web site. A new Board of Directors for Sorbet was seated in February of 2014. Consolidated Community Management started May 1. Our first Newsletter went out in May. It is the intention of the new Board Members to improve the face of Sorbet. Many of the common area assets have not been maintained, repaired, or replaced, as required. Rennovations are long overdue. We expect to carefully analyze every area of the community, and to gradually make improvements where they are needed. If each homeowner will do their part to maintain their property, we believe we can continue to increase property values. It is a sellers market. Homes are selling in the $250,000 range. With a little work, we are hoping they will go even higher!
Darlene Cook - President
Frank Dima - Treasurer
Nicole Mangone - Secretary
Board Members
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Parking & Pet Rules
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Winston Park
Master Association
City of Coconut Creek
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Sample Road, Lyons North, East on Serko, located on the south side of the street.
Help us make Sorbet a better place to live!
Final Phase of the Community Improvement Project.
Replace missing landscaping throughout the community